About this site

Who it’s for…

Are you the kind of teacher who finds coursebooks dull? Do you feel pushed into following a grammar-dominated syllabus, and yearn to discuss something more meaningful with your learners? I made this website for English language teachers who are looking to focus more on the content and meaning of their lessons as well as the language focus. It is particularly aimed at those of us who would like to assist our students to take part in global dialogues about the environmental issues, and to ensure they have the language skills and the digital literacies to be effectively involved.

What it does…

I have made this website to bring climate change topics from the UN Global Goals and to exploit digital tools and skills to mainstream climate change as a topic in the language classroom.

Who am I?

I am Owain, English language teacher, EdTech enthusiast, DELTA tutor and environmentalist. I am the creator of the website https://eltsustainable.com which features free lesson plans aimed at mainstreaming environmental awareness in the language classroom.

What next?

Come and see an approach to teaching the UN global goals in short training videos, and next lesson you’ll be bringing them to class and wondering why every coursebook doesn’t exploit such themes.

Topics for the modern language classroom