Digital skills and tools to create motivating English lessons based on the UN Global Goals

Are you an English language teacher looking for ways to create motivating lessons that deal with sustainability issues?

Are you interested in creating lessons that don’t rely on coursebooks and grammar-based syllabuses?

If the answer to either question is yes, I am here to help you make your next lesson look slick and presentable, be pedagogically robust, and fit into the content-based syllabus that the UN Global Goals so beautifully offer.

The UN Global Goals have been chosen because they were created based on the wishes of ordinary people across the world, and then world leaders signed up to them and they are an excellent and highly-recognized platform for improving so many areas of the world, and a focus on education is at their heart.

Digital tools and skills are great for you as a teacher to focus on because so much of the international dialogue on dealing with the various crisis that affect us on a global level takes place in the digital realm. Digital technologies broaden the reach of this dialogue, and provide teachers and learners with a powerful tool for the diffusion of knowledge.